Why EXT Legal

How does EXT Legal help you?



adobestock_82045178Does this situation sound familiar…

It’s 5:30pm and you are working on discovery responses due the next day.  You have two expert depositions to prepare for next week and the statute is about to run on a so-so case necessitating the filing of a Complaint that you know is a loser.  Your employee has been home sick for two days and clients have been calling all day looking for an update on their case status.  You need to be negotiating and settling cases, but every day you fall further and further behind as the work piles up higher and higher.

Many solo practitioners and small firms operate this way because of the simple fact that: a) the practice of law is dynamic and impossible to consistently predict; and b) smaller firms lack the employee resources to efficiently manage these eminent ebb and flow changes in workloads.

Even with a loyal support staff, the most organized of attorneys encounter periods of time where they simply need extra help to provide a boost in productivity.  EXT can provide this boost.

Conversely, some attorneys have no need for a full-time, or even a part-time support staff employee, yet might occasionally find themselves having difficulty managing a short-term backlog or could use some extra assistance with a file.  EXT provides this short-term extra assistance.

EXT was formed because we recognize and understand these strategic conundrums facing PI attorneys.  In response, we provide competent and reliable work product allowing you to focus on more important matters and ultimately, settle more cases.  EXT Legal is specifically engineered to offer exactly what you need to get your caseload back on track.  Whether you need a single demand letter drafted or meds for twenty unique different cases, EXT is designed and structured to give you the individual level of service per your individual office’s needs.  When you need extra help, create a free account and let EXT Legal get to work for you!