Litigation Services

Prices Starting at $75




EXT LEGAL ALSO OFFERS MORE advanced litigation services.  We draft complaints, jurisdictionally required case initiation documents, propound and respond to discovery and perform legal research to provide custom law and motion work.

WE HAVE EXPERIENCED paralegals and California barred attorneys on staff to draft fully customizable legal documents specifically tailored to your case.  During the service ordering process, you will be prompted to input relevant information and upload relevant documents.  Our Compliance Dept. reviews the uploaded information and once approved, the drafting process begins.

SHOULD YOUR CASE REQUIRE  the filing of a lawsuit, we draft complaints that comply with Los Angeles County Superior Court and Orange County Superior Court Local Rules and procedural requirements.  We draft an introduction, define the parties and jurisdiction, statutory backgrounds, facts, causes of action and prayers.  Whether your case is a car crash, premises liability, product liability, wage and hour claim or other civil matter, EXT ‘s staff has the relevant experience.  Should your case also require an accompanied set of case initiation documents, we are set up to quickly draft those as well.

WE UTILIZE THE SAME compliance and review process in order to provide you with custom drafts of discovery documents to propound or discovery responses that are completely suited to your case needs.  We know the information your case needs in order to progress and we know which information is protected and non-discoverable.  As with our other services, once your order is completed, we simply send you an email with a secure link to the finished draft.

WE PROVIDE DRAFTS of the following discovery types to propound or to respond:

  • Form Interrogatories
  • Special Interrogatories
  • Requests for Production
  • Requests for Admissions

SHOULD YOUR CASE REQUIRE more specialized research and motion work including Motions to Compel, Demurrers, Oppositions, Motions for Summary Judgment, etc., we would love to set up a consultation to discuss your specific litigation needs.  Contact Us and let us know how we can help.