The Shifting Legal Landscape

The legal world is evolving.  Let EXT Legal help you keep up.



adobestock_40620433Emerging technologies and updated court procedures clearly indicate that the practice of law is changing, and at EXT, we believe for the better.  This change has primarily been reflected in the use of simple email and faxes to communicate between parties and a decrease in the reliance of physical, hard copies of legal documents.  However, the changes will not stop there.

Years ago, fax-filing systems were implemented by many jurisdictions in order to save time and money.  While this is certainly more efficient than delivering physical documents to a physical filing window, fax-filing was merely a stop gap solution.  More recently, some jurisdictions have developed electronic filing systems to allow for an even more efficient method of filing legal documents, similar to the more robust CM/ECF federal court filing system.  This move to more inclusive electronic filing solutions simply makes practical and pragmatic sense and it saves everyone time and money.  However, the changes will not stop there.

In addition to the existing and eminent changes coming to court filing systems, more and more attorneys are signing stipulations allowing for the electronic service of legal documents on opposing counsel.  Why print and mail when you can just attach your document to an e-mail and deliver it immediately?  Even simple procedures such as this can radically increase efficiency while dramatically lowering costs and is another clear indication that the traditional model of producing, filing, serving and storing physical documents is changing… and changing fast.  However, the changes will not stop there.

While court rules continue to evolve, EXT seeks to step into the vacuum created when more and more electronic legal options become available.  EXT aspires to lead the charge into this electronic future by providing PI Paralegal and PI Legal Secretary overflow services to Los Angeles County and Orange County attorneys looking to take advantage of our workflow solutions.  To continue this journey into the future of the legal world, create a free account and let EXT Legal get to work for you.