Demand Letters

Prices Starting at $100 + $25/medical provider



draftdemandlettersEXT LEGAL PROVIDES 3rd Party Demands, UM Demands and Worker’s Comp Demands.  We very much understand the importance a well written, informative, accurate and concise demand letter can have when presenting a case for settlement.  Perception does matter when an insurance adjuster receives a demand package and it is our goal is to tilt the negotiation process in your favor simply by providing a top quality demand letter.

THE ADVANCED STAFF MEMBER assigned to your project will review the data and documents uploaded in order to ascertain if anything is missing.  If a document, say, a medical bill was omitted, we will
contact you immediately to let you know something is amiss.  Once it has been determined that the demand package is ready and all relevant documents are present, the demand is drafted.

OUR DEMANDS BEGIN creating a narrative of the incident.  We clearly articulate what happened, who is at fault and what the liability determination is.  We then provide a complete medical summary, discussing all complaints, examination and radiographic findings, diagnoses and future medical care.  Finally, we provide a personal narrative discussing how the incident has affected the personal life of the client including loss of earnings and any personal damages.

ONCE OUR DRAFT IS FINISHED, you will receive an email with a link to the completed draft.  You take a pass on the document and make any changes you deem appropriate.  Once you have approved the final version of the demand, you return it to us and we prepare the final pdf version with all attached exhibits.

IN ORDER TO EFFICIENTLY allow an adjuster to review the evidence and medical records, EXT provides demands with hyperlinks that allow anyone reviewing the demand the ability to quickly jump back and forth between the body of the demand and the exhibits attached there to.


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