About EXT Legal

What is EXT Legal?




EXT’s office and staff are based in Southern California and have been specifically trained and educated about the Los Angeles County and Orange County jurisdictional requirements.  We know this city because it is our city; we know the relevant police departments, hospitals, courthouses, etc.  We know what needs to get done, but more importantly, we know how to get it done the way things are done here.

Forged over decades of collective experience in the jurisdictional fires of the Los Angeles County and Orange County Superior Courts, EXT Legal formed in response to the continued evolution toward a more electronically based legal system.

Committed to find a better, more efficient way for PI attorneys to manage their workload, EXT’s team of legal professionals joined together to provide these attorneys (as well as ourselves) with an increase in: 1) Efficiency; 2) Productivity; and 3) Quality of Life.

Over time, it became apparent to us that while circumstances and particulars certainly vary, all PI cases require the same basic variety of tasks and services in order to build and resolve the matter.  These tasks range from the relatively simple (requesting medical records / police reports) to the more complex (discovery responses / law & motion).

While a single employee can certainly accomplish the full range of PI tasks, EXT is founded on the principle that it is more efficient to assign specific categories of tasks and services to employees dependent on their skill, knowledge and qualification.  Thus, in order to offer the full range of PI Paralegal and PI Legal Secretary services, EXT retains the following categories of legal professionals on staff:


Legal Assistant:

  • Requests police reports
  • Requests medical records

Legal Secretary

  • Performs client intake / witness interview
  • Drafts demand letters

Cal. B&P §6450 Compliant Paralegal

  • Drafts Complaints
  • Drafts discovery / Responses

Current State Bar of California Attorney

  • Assists with advanced Law & Motion


EXT is both a legal services and a technology company.  Our proprietary web-based application allows for an easy and secure way to transfer information and documents.  When a work order is submitted to the system, the Administrator assigns the particular service to the appropriate employee.  The more basic tasks are assigned to our Legal Assistants, specifically trained to perform those simpler tasks.  As the complexity of the task increases, EXT is able to assign the task to the most appropriate employee dependent on their skill and knowledge level.  This ultimately increases EXT’s efficiency and allows us to pass the savings to your office.

We also designed the system so that EXT employees (who must all sign confidentiality agreements) only have access to the information relevant to the specific job they have been assigned.  This further protects your clients’ information and mitigates unauthorized access.

As the courts are increasingly relying on cost-saving, electronically based solutions, why should the working relationship between attorneys and their staff remain stagnant, traditional and unchanged?  EXT was specifically designed to provide Southern California PI attorneys a modern, web-based, virtual PI Paralegal and PI Legal Secretary overflow solution.

EXT provides an à la carte PI legal task menu so you only select what you need…when you need it.  We are reliable, trustworthy and dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of service and returning the most professional of work product.  To get started, create a free account and let EXT Legal get to work for you!