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for the modern attorney.

How We Work

Select the task / service
pre-lit or litigation
Input relevant information
name, DOI, insurance info, case #
Upload relevant documents
HIPPA, photos, meds, discovery
4 Receive an email containing a link to your completed document.


The legal world is changing fast.

EXT aspires to help you keep up.

  • Increasingly, courts, insurance companies and medical providers are integrating digital solutions to increase efficiency.
  • Our system is set up to allow attorneys to spend their time where it is most valuable... managing clients and settling cases.
  • Emails and .pdfs are replacing the traditional service of hard copy documents saving everyone time and money.
  • Our easy to use system is set up to provide an instant jolt of productivity to attorneys who need a little extra help.
  • Our secure interface and email document delivery solutions take advantage of this cost saving digital technology.
  • EXT Legal offers a range of pre-lit and litigation services allowing attorneys to select only the required service(s) as needed.

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